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Highly recommended

Highly recommended. Excellent quality cat furniture expertly made. I wanted my furniture made slightly different and nothing was too much trouble. Perfect, problem free process from start to finish. I will be most certainly using this company again and most of all my cats love their new bed and scratch post!!

Kelly Jones

Fabulousl product fabulous people.

Fabulousl product fabulous people.. Even came back to glrp put it together and replace a broken bolt... Which came lose in transport reccomended to rspca as quality stockists of cat furniture

Jennifer Steinman

Cat Scratchiing PostI

cannot express how much pleasure it has been dealing with this company.The craftsmanship is first class, I never expected receiving a Bespoke Scratching Post that I am proud to display as a piece of furniture as opposed to the poorly made ones I have had in the past which are hidden away out of sight.Our car loves it and could not wait to sink his claws into it, he hasn’t left it alone since. He is like a kitten again playing with the attached toys.The value for money is outstanding, I would have expected to pay 3 times more for such a well made and innovative product.Well done Pet Fit Designs, we are thrilled with our work of art. No more trawling the internet to find inferior goods at twice the,price.

Rosie Haywood

Cat wall shelves - Fantastic!

I have just purchased a set of cat wall shelves and I am delighted with them, though not nearly as much as my cat is.The shelves are well made and sturdy (an absolute must for my cat) and also look fantastic. They were well tested as soon as they were on the wall. I have a large cat who will test any product to it's limits and has destroyed similar items, bought elsewhere, within minutes.The company checked what type of wall they would be fixed to, to ensure the correct fixings were supplied with the product (something I hadn't even considered). They were made to order and delivered within a week. The price was very reasonable and the customer service I received second to none.In short, I would recommend this company to anyone, I don't think you'll find better products for twice the price and this company definitely appreciates and values their customers, unlike a lot of others. They will be my go to brand for any similar products in the future.12/03/2021 PetFixDesigns, thank you for the response. I would just like to add that the shelves are used daily by two cats and are still as good as new. I have personally recommended your products and will continue to do so. I can't thank you enough

Sara Key

Exactly what we needed for our cats

Exactly what we needed for our cats !

Aesthetically pleasing !