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The story behind Best Fit Designs

We are a small family business based in Nottingham. When I was a child my mother had around ten cats and kittens at all times, these cats were outdoor cats mainly. This is the reason I love cats and kittens. I had one cat before, and I bought the tallest cat furniture I could find, I had to buy that particular cat furniture from the USA as there was no available in the UK. I was very disappointed about the quality of the furniture in so many ways. My cat didn`t use it. I decided to “make it better” by eliminating the “typical problems”, and My cat loved it. Then it got used up, so I decided to buy a soft one this time, but there were none available. I only found lots and lots of people looking for one, but no actual product. This is the reason we decided to start all this, I have already made some furniture for my mother and my friends.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our cat and kitten furniture to everyone living in the United Kingdom for a fair price, because every pet deserves the best. We want every pet owner to realize that our furniture is much better than the imported ones.

What problems did we solve?

We have solved most of the known problems that usual Chinese cat or kitten furniture can have.

- Unwinding ropes
the rope is unwinding from most of the cat furniture available elsewhere, but we have developed a process that prevents the rope from coming down.

- Lack of guarantee
Guarantee is a message that says the product is good quality, we have 3 years of guarantee on all of our cat furniture!

- Bigger and stronger posts
Our posts have a wall thickness of 15mm unlike posts available elsewhere with a ten times less (1.5mm) wall thickness, our posts are also bigger and stronger, allowing a greater surface to scratch!

- Low quality user manual (if there is one)
We have picture guided step by step guides in all our manuals, along with other useful information such as safety precautions and guarantee.

- Too small houses and other parts
We tried to design our cat furniture platforms and especially the houses to be as big as possible.

- Problems with stability
We have developed a way that makes the high cat furniture stable.

- The platforms and the houses are hard
We apply a layer of half inch thick super soft foam underneath the fabric.

What preparations have we done?

- We have designed 47 cat and kitten furniture products.
- A unique website made by us.
- Plans, regarding how to make our furniture, what we need and how much it costs.
- Financial plans and estimations.
- A database that helps us track what we have sold to who and when.
- A marketing plan

Milestones (to achieve by the end of 2018)

- Opening two stores in two cities.
- Expanding our product range with wall mounted cat furniture, cat and kitten beds, indoor and outdoor cat houses and products for other pets, e.g.: dogs, rodents, birds and rabbits.
- To be the best and most known pet related business in the United Kingdom.